Stephan K. Zitz

1008 Hawk Ct; Round Rock, TX 78681

Cellular: (512)921-6677

Email: [email protected]


Professional Proficient with multiple operating systems: Linux(16 years), Digital Unix(6 years), Solaris(7 years), Trusted MLS+(4 years), Trusted Solaris(3 years), Microsoft OSes (9 years)
Experienced in multiple programming languages: C(14 years), C++(16 years), Java(5 years), PHP(7 years), LISP and Scheme; experienced in design tools such as UML and related object oriented design methods; experienced in XML and XSL/T; experience in programming tools such as valgrind, CVS, XEmacs, gcc/g++, make. Familiar with eXtreme Programming and have applied tenets to software development where this practice was not in use.
Proficient with implementing network functionality both in the kernel (Linux, MLS) and in userland. I have developed network intrusion detection software within the kernel as well as implementing a full-suite OS-independent distributed environment for file transfer, talk, chat. Also proficient in implementing non-kernel specific stacks, such as sip stacks for VoIP applications. Over 7 years of experience in working with network sniffer programs (such as tcpdump and ethereal now wireshark) and analyzing network traffic patterns.
Personal Methodical problem solving; leadership; quick thinking; take initiative with minimal management supervision; very flexible with mathematics and mathematical constructs.
Hubbell Building Automation
9601 Dessau Rd
Austin, TX 78754
Contractor (March 2017-October 2017):  Continued below responsibilities as a contractor.  Also added support for external radio support through usb attached via ftdi chip.


Software Architect (August 2010-September 2016): Continued responsibilities for Software Engineering position.  Further: designed and developed the underlying network protocol and strategies for the NX product line (a second generation wired protocol grown from the wihubb protocol.  The protocol used UDP to carry NX messages to distinct devices.  This protocol allowed for various addressing schemes (unicast, multicast, etc).  Designed and developed the enhanced web interface as well as the second generation device manager. I was sole responsible for development on the management and commissioning device which hosted both the web interface as well as the device manager.  Implemented web interface for wireless light control using php, javascript, jquery for presentation, mysql and sqlite for persistency, xml and json as communication mediums. Further, I implemented device control firmware for controlling lighting based on schedules, receipt of group control commands, preset commands in the OFM and IFM platforms. The commissioning platform is a linux box running our software, communicating to remote nodes via si1000 chip-based radios. I am responsible for maintaining the script code interfacing the radio firmware and our various devices.

FundsXpress Financial Network, Inc.
11950 Jollyvile Rd.
Austin, TX 78759
Software Analyst(June 2005-July 2010): Implemented various banking requirements from both backend and frontend perspective using perl primarily as well as java. Implemented new international wire (funds transfer) via Fedwire. Integrated connectivy to third party billpay provider, providing nearly 200,000 customers with billpay capabiity. Backend development is done in perl and sql. Lead development teams implementing Single Signon Solutions to various 3rd parties, incorporating various encryption and authentication technologies. Implemented various web services to interface through internal tools and public-facing interface using technologies such as SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML, etc.
Carrius Technologies
2140 Lake Park Blvd. Ste 500
Richardson, TX 75080
Software Engineer(November 2004-June 2005): Transitioned from Contract work (Through Sipera) to full time employee. Implementing various protocols over SS7 and SIP (and bridging between the two). Design and implementation of services infrastructure on enterprise-class switching equipment, tying discrete orthogonal elements together via a message-passing architecture.
Sipera Corporation
3300 Carriage Ct
Richardson, TX 75082
Software Engineer(June 2004-November 2004): Worked on research and development for IDS (Intrusion Detection) on VoIP platforms, using SIP specifically. Also worked on TDM and VoIP interoperability and bridging software.
SecureLogix Corporation
13750 San Pedro
Suite 230
San Antonio, TX 78232
Software Engineer(February 2003-May 2004): Worked on an embedded linux appliance enforcing TDM-like policies on a VoIP appliance. Implemented synchronization tools between subprocesses using XML to encapsulate data. Wrote voip signaling simulators, as well as interprocess simulators, and scripting for each for testing. My engineering work primarily involved the 4950 platform, writing the component that coordinated the data stream from the voip media processor, the data stream from the signaling processor, the data stream from the management server, and enforcing policy. I designed and implemented an online build tracking mechanism to start builds after code was checked in, track who checked in and alert if the build failed at any phase, including compilation, unit tests, and regression tests. Helped design and implement a sip stack and suite of sip interoperability tests.
GlobalSCAPE, Inc.
6000 Northwest Parkway
Suite 100
San Antonio, TX 78249
Software Engineer(September 2002-February 2003): Developed php back-end (with JavaScript front-end support) for a content management system (PureCMS). Back-end dealt with sql interface (mysql and mssql), as well as permissions monitoring, version control, user and group management, directory management, and maintaining synchronicity across these (and other) elements. Front-end generated dynamic html in order to emulate a file manager, as well as wrap dhtml editors to add value (spell checking, for instance) using JavaScript.
Symantec Corporation
911 Central Parkway North
Suite 300
San Antonio, TX 78232
Software Engineer(March 2002-September 2002): Developed and implemented various components to a network-based intrusion detection engine and accompanying kernel module. Worked on design and implementation of various signature definition language extensions using bison and yacc. My emphasis on the team was linux kernel work (including various skb optimizations, work on “proprietary” slab allocations) and optimizations.
Tantau Software/724 Solutions
108 Wild Basin Road, Suite 110
Austin, TX 78746
Software Development Engineer (2000-2002): Architected and developed a monitoring suite to monitor server back-ends spanning multiple architectures (Tandem, i386, Sun, etc. . .) and spanning multiple OSes (NSK, Linux, Solaris 2.[78], etc. . .). This task involved a high-level agent monitoring agents on individual boxes, accomplished via in-house CORBA suite. Also enabled the company to switch to CVS by providing expertise and guidance.  Architected and developed an SMTP component to a component-based infrastructure to allow SMS message to be sent to SMSC that were only capable of PAP-over-SMTP. Specifically, implemented a client-side implementation of SMTP to push messages to partner companies that would forward on to wireless phones as though PAP-over-WAP were implemented in the US. Responsible for introducing and implementing CVS, bugzilla, LXR, and other Open Source development packages to the company. Architected and developed an HDML-XML compliancy component that allowed Tantau to take 3rd party hdml and convert to an XML-compliant form to be translated to HTML, or WML, or any XML look-alike markup language.
Trident Data Systems
379 E. Ramsey
San Antonio, TX 78216
Programmer (1995-2000): Responsible for researching kernel technologies for Linux, including module support, networking, /proc filesystem, load measurement. Required a keen understanding of how the kernel functioned, both internally, and as a provider of functionality to userland applications. This is primarily a research and development project.  Responsible for designing, implementing, and programming a heterogeneous trusted client-server architecture. Responsible for designing, implementing, and developing a talk/chat utility, a file system management, a news/bbs utility, and a point-to-point file transfer on customer WAN in a trusted environment. Extensive knowledge of Digital MLS+ (3.1a and 4.0x). Knowledge of Trusted Solaris and integration efforts of MLS+ and Trusted Solaris. Responsible for providing numerous patches to free-software to work on MLS environment. Responsible for developing look-and-feel technologies to ease userbase into complexities of Unix and MLS. Used Motif in an object-oriented environment along with XRT, and XDesigner to emulate a Windows “look’n’feel.”
Security Clearance(1996-2000): Obtained a TS SSBI/SCI.
823 Congress, Suite 440
Austin, TX 78701
Network Programmer(1994-1995): Responsible for implementing a logon news distribution system for dial-in customers and initiated a study of the feasibility of “autoupdate” for customer Internet programs (Netscape, Eudora Mail, etc. . .)
Technical Support: Responsible for answering technical questions regarding logons, dial-in configuration for Windows 95 and Linux users.
Judson High School
9142 FM 78
Converse, TX 78109
Graduated May 1992, in top 10% of class with Honours, International Baccalaureate, and AP distinction. Very active in German Club, AFJROTC, Computer Science Club, Mu Alpha Theta. Was Group Commander of the AFJROTC senior year. Was vice-president of Mu Alpha Theta club senior year.
Professional Mark Rosenau [email protected]; Software Engineer; 512-450-1100 (work)

Ed Rivas [email protected]; Software Engineer; 512-450-1100 (work)

James Jurach [email protected]; Software Engineer; Apiture

Tim Barton [email protected]; Vice President, Software Division; 210-402-9669 (work)

Johnathan Hegge [email protected]; Programmer/Manager; 512-825-8944 (cell)

Mike Hall [email protected]; Principal Engineer; VMware; 512-813-3452