Once upon a time, I journalled relatively frequently using livejournal … Then they were acquired by a Russian company and I, like many others, abandoned it. I never truly bothered to find a new solution and just sporadically messed around with an update to Facebook occasionally.

Well, I think that’s about to change. Lots has happened. And by “lots”, I mean lots-and-lots.

I want to start writing down the various thoughts spawned in the grey matter above.

So, I expect this “journal” to help in that regard. More to come. Its late.

Oh … and this journal is now a wordpress blog, with all its toys and whistles, running on an amazon lightsail instance, protected/cached by cloudflare. Quite a new world since my humble beginnings with livejournal. Oh! And Yoast SEO … whatever flavour of coffee that is …

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